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CHS Junior Exhibitor Coordinators
Jane Richardson
278 Wetenhall Landing
Milton, Ontario
L9T 7B5

Chrissy Watkins
RR 7
Peterborough, Ontario
K9J 6X8
(705) 743-8753

Jane Graham
4 Hillpath Crescent
Brampton, Ontario
L6Z 4V1
(H) 905-495-1088
(W) 905-614-6194

July 2010

Dear Junior Exhibitor

It is that time of year again, show season has begun. I thought I would update everyone on the junior activities for 2010, and how our 2009 year ended up.  Congratulations to all

all junior exhibitors that competed in 2009. At the mane event in March 2010, we acknowledged the top 3 in division.

Pleasure Pony Championship – Sponsored by the Brunton Stables

1st Mark my Word-Shannon Ella

2nd Deal me Aces – Heather MacGregor

3rd The Joker- Josh McCormick

Jr. Exhibitor Showmanship Championship – Sponsored by Ken & Dennis Alderman

1st. B.R.S. Marked to be Bad – Zachary Cyr

2nd. Patton –Wade Anderson

3rd Tequila Mockingbird -Jason Dykstra

Jr. Exhibitor Driving Championship – Walter Hurdman Memorial Trophy

1st. On the Mark – Shannon Ella

2nd. Bold & Fancy –Heather MacGregor

3rd. Suzy Q –Ben Caunter

Ontario Riding Championship – Sponsored by Heatherstone Hackneys

1st. Tracy Moore

2nd. Justin Marion

Ontario Jr. Exhibitor Road Pony Championship  -William Richardson Memorial Trophy

1st. Jason Dykstra

2nd. Wade Anderson

Open Division Championship – Sponsored by the O’Reilley family and Linda McGowan

Brynn Marie O’Reilley

Paul E Bolton Sportsmanship Award

Jason Dykstra

Dr. Bovaird Memorial High Point Championship

Reserve Champion – Tracy Moore

Champion – Heather MacGregor

Juniors to graduate to Senior Division

  1. Karie Alderman
  2. Julie Holmes
  3. Wade Anderson
  4. Callie Merritt


We would like to thank Rae Ann Brunton, who has served as co-ordinator for the juniors for the last few years. Rae Ann has stepped down and in her place two of the directors will assist with the juniors. Jane Graham and Chrissy Watkins.

Currently for 2010, our membership is sitting at approximately 15 juniors, this is significantly down from other years. In 2009, we fundraised with the seniors, in the selling of almonds and brooms. This proved to be a great way for both parts of the organization to benefit. This will be the plan for 2010, the fundraiser is still to be finalized.  As our membership is spread across the East and West, it is important to try and pick a central spot to hold activities. The decision has been made to hold a showmanship clinic at the CNE horse show on the Tuesday evening after the show. It won’t be long, maybe an hour in length, and two of our directors have agreed to hold the clinic, and are past junior exhibitors themselves. Paul Richardson and Ken Alderman will conduct the clinic, and at the end we thought it may be fun, if had a mini competition after the clinic was complete.  Jane, Chrissy and myself are hopeful that all juniors who are present will participate. I would ask that you confirm back to myself by no later than July 24th, confirming your participation in the clinic. We will also be looking for ponies that are suitable for the clinic.

As has been mentioned in the past, we are open to any suggestions that juniors or parents of the juniors may have in activities they would like to have for the future.

Feel free to contact myself at anytime

Jane Richardson


2010 CHS Junior Exhibitors   

Ben Caunter
Taylor Cholette
Jason Dykstra
Shannon Ella
Hayden MacGregor
Heather MacGregor
Justin Marion
Adele McCormick
Joshua McCormick
Tracy Moore
Quinn Richardson
Chad Simmons
Dana Simmons
Halie Wagner
Jari Wagner


JR Showmanship
1. Brynn Marie O'Reilley
Hackney Under Saddle 
1.  Justin Marion
2.  Brynn Marie O'Reilley

Jr Drving

1.  Josh McCormick


Jr Pleasure Driving

1.  Josh McCormick



JR Showmanship 
1. Brynn Marie O'Reilley
2.  Justin Marion

Jr Drving

1.  Josh McCormick

2.  Taylor Cholette



Jr Driving

1.  Taylor Cholette

2.  Joshua McCormick



JR Showmanship
1.  Brynn Marie O'Reilley
2.  Justin Marion


JR Showmanship
1.  Justin Marion
2.  Brynn Marie O'Reilley
Hackney under saddle JR to ride
1.  Brynn Marie O'Reilley
2.  Justin Marion
JR Driver
1.  Taylor  Cholette


JR Showmanship
1.  Zak Cyr
2.  Brynn Marie O'Reilley

Jr Driving

1.  Zak Cyr

2.  Taylor Cholette

3.  Joshua McCormick


Jr Showmanship

1.  Justin Marion
2.  Brynn Marie O'Reilley

JR Driving

1.  Taylor Cholette

2.  Joshua McCormick