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For 70 years, no one in Ontario has shown more horses and ponies, at as many horse shows and fall fairs as Art Alderman. Art took an interest in horses at a young age, and his enthusiasm has never diminished. Taking his early lessons from his father, the Aldermans showed at horse shows in the Hamilton area, and were amongst prize winners at the 1946 Royal Winter Fair. His talent at presenting entries in the show ring allowed him to gain a longstanding list of customers. Dr Connell was amongst the first, as well as working with the Newmans from St. Catharines. The Gilligans, the Jeffreys, Pres Graham, Clarence Graham, Art Emmett, Irv Mehwinney, Don and Russell McAllister, and Art and Maurice Leckie are some of the clients that Art has presented entries for. From small shows, he took to places further like Devon, Ormstown and Ottawa. Line ponies right through to a four in hand were shown over the years, Shetlands to roadhorses, and most every way imagined to show them. Governess Cart classes, pairs, tandems, collection of Three, gig classes, phaetons, and under saddle. The list of animals that have been shown over the years would take forever to repeat, however First Impression, Peel's Haven, RFP 6 Eighth Time, and matched pair Laudydale Rajah and Cambridge Ringleader will be remembered as being consistant winners from the Alderman Stable and favourites of Art.

As often as we seen Art doing the showing, his wife Brenda has been an important part of the picture, as has his family of two daughters, and two sons. Judy and Jane, Dennis and Ken. Often a class will have members of the family competing against each other, each driving with the determination to win the class. One constant would be Art encouraging young exhibitors to show. Whether it was lending a pony for a showmanship class, or buggy for a family needing a extra to get one more driver into the ring, having everyone involved and encouraged to do their best is important to Art, as well as his family. The fourth generation of Aldermans continue to keep the tradition alive. Robin and Lisa, Karie and Issac, and Mandy, Cory and Janine have a very proud grandfather when they enter a showring. Like their grandfather when he drove as a young exhibitor, then his family, it was about participating and doing your best. Art has been doing his best for a long period of time, tonight we recognize that achievement.

(Inducted March 2012)

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