Welcome to the Hackney Hall of Fame.  This section of our web site is dedicated to the greatest horses, ponies, exhibitors, breeders and trainers that have made an impact on the Hackney in Canada

Clarence, Laurena and John Graham

The Graham family started in the horse show business in 1954, witha Shetland Pony named Blue Bell, they were coached by Doctor Bovaird and his son Ken as to how to harness, groom, train and show a pony.  In 1960 the Graham family started showing Hackney Ponies, and took their show string to such shows as Michigan State, Syracuse, Devon in the U.S.A., Royal Winter Fair, C.N.E., Western Show, St. Catherines, Ottawa and Fall Fairs across Ontario.  The Graham ponies were always turned out in excellent style and won considerable Grand Championships and Stake Classes at all  the above shows.
Some of the ponies which the Graham family exhibited were - Shetlands - Blue Bell, Captain Black Sympathy, Sonny and Gee Gee McGee, and Bonnie's Pride.  Hackney Ponies - Cassillis Kissin Cousins, Laudydale Rajah, Lady's Man, Spitfire, Chocolate Parfait, Reedann's Tom Tom, Souvenir's Hot Shot and Debbie's Fashion.
John and Clarence both served on the board of Directors of the Canadian Hackney Society and the Canadian Pony Society
(Inducted March 2008)

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