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Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gilbert & Charles Gilbert Jr.

Charles Sr   Ruby  

Charles Jr

Charles Gilbert and his wife Ruby established Gilberts Harness and Saddle shop in Toronto prior to 1920. At that time, the city still had many horses within the city boundaries making deliveries and for personal transportation. Their shop supplied harness and supplies to the commercial firms in the city, show and racing stables, and hobbiests for close to 60 years, as well as operating a mail order service to customers across Canada. They made many contacts with their harness customers, buying and selling commercial horses, saddle horses, and in particular, hackney horses and ponies. Their first large transaction was the thirty horses and ponies bought in 1943 from the Dodge Stables in Michigan. Crystal Lady, a seven time Stake winner at the Royal Winter Fair, and a winner at every leading show she was exhibited at arrived at this time, as did Seaton Leader, a hackney horse exhibited by Wallace Munro that would claim many wins at the Royal Winter Fair and on the fall fair circuit. Seaton Electra, The Bandleader, Seven Up, Golden Lady, City Star, Victory Maid, and Kings Marvel are included in that transaction that would bring some of the most sought after bloodlines to Canada. Another transaction of importance would be the shipment from the Longview Farm in Missouri. Included would be the mares that crossed so well with Dufferin Haven that put breeding from the Dufferin Stock Farms as leaders in the hackney horse classification from the late 1950's until the early 1970's, and the bloodlines continue until this day. There were many others, such as the complete stable of Daniel McCarriagher of Buffalo. The Gilberts exhibited some of their own hackney entries in the 1930's as well. Mrs Gilbert was also a leading exhibitor of Shetland ponies at the many horse shows held in Toronto at that time. Mrs. Gilbert was one of the first ladies elected as a director of the Canadian Hackney Society, and Charles Jr. was secretary of the society in the 1940's. Charles Jr also acted as agent to bring many winning horses to Canada and dealing in carriages as well, selling to customers as far as California. The contribution made by the Gilberts to import the best bloodlines available to will be recognized by hackney breeders and exhibitors for year to come.  (Inducted March 2007)

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