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Dufferin Haven


1505 (1947-1973), originally registered as Hawthorne Peddler, by Solitude (GB) 14904 and out of Lavington Flavia (GB) 27148 was born in England in 1947 and imported by James Franceschini’s Dufferin Stock Farms in 1953.  In 1961, following the death of Mr. Franceschini, Haven was purchased by Frank and Kathleen Ryan of Kilreen Farms, Ottawa, where he stood until Frank Ryan’s death in 1965.  At which time Harold F. Patton of Toronto purchased him.  Haven lived out his days with Harold and passed away in 1973.  Dufferin Haven, one of the greatest Hackney Horses to ever live produced such great horses as Dufferin Gladiator, Dufferin Majorette, Dufferin Parade Girl, Dufferin Rosie O’Grady - (the dame of Stonehedge Carousel), Hawthorne Countess, The Challenger, Haven’s Joanne, the Flower Girl and Hartzett Paddy.   Haven was a producer of great motion, quality and manners, Dufferin Haven can be found in pedigrees of a great percentage of the Hackney Horse throughout North America today.  (Inducted March 2002)

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