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Dun-Haven Crescendo


Dun-Haven Crescendo (Command Decision x Dun-Haven Crystal) had and still has an incredible influence on the Hackney with great demand for his offspring and their offspring.

An injury at a young age put a halt to a show career although he was shown successfully in hand as a yearling. His real forte was as a breeding stallion and what a gentleman he was with the ladies.

Some notable offspring are Dun-Haven Eldorado Strut 'n' Stuff Taylor Duff Ebony and Ivory Remember Me Cockleburr's Lady Love Royal Manor Topaz Heartland Classic Heartland Memory Cockleburr's Brown Sugar Royal Manor Fanfare Black Diamond His offspring, Dun-Haven Bandolier has sired many Wodd Champions such as Heartland Equality Heartland Special Special Heartland Candidate Heartland King of Kings Another stallion, living in Canada, Seventh Heaven, owned by the Brunton family of Carleton Place, has been a very successful breeding stallion, producing Calvin Hobbs One More Time Once Upon a Time Alexandra The list goes on and his legacy lives on. (Inducted March 2006)

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