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Larry Ella

Larry Ella

 and Par Excellence 
Born and raised in Woodbridge, Ontario; Larry Ella was first introduced to the sport of the "horse" by his late father, Howard Ella and his mother Doreen Ella. At the age of 7 years odld Larry started his legacy by working and learning about horses and  ponies from his family.  Larry was very much so inspired and taught how to be a horseman by his family and thier influence within the horse and pony community.  The Ella's quickly acknowleded Larry's interest and his keen eye for ponies by the time Larry reached the age of 10.
During Larry's time off from school; in the evenings and when on summer vacation, Larry trained  the Ella ponies with the assistance of his parents in addition to training other horses and ponies for customers all the while learning from notable trainers including George Henderson, Lawrence Carss, Denny Lang and Skip Shenker.
Larry finished school and started his insurance business where he managaed a local brokerage in Kleinburg, Ontario.  Larry went on to start his own insurance brokerage together with his wife of 22 years, Diane has owned operated Larry Ella Insurance and Associated in Shombeg, Ontario.  At the same time, Larry ventured back into the training business and began to work full time for the Lewis family of Kleinburg, Ontario.  Larry trained and showed Morgan, saddlehorses and harness horses for the Lewis' al the while starting the Lewis' into the ponies.  At the Lewis' Larry trained top ponies but he truly made his mark in the hackney world by his guidance and direction of Mark Of Success.
For the past 20 years Larry has devoted his life to the Hackney sport by owning and operating his own breeding and training facility in Shomberg, Ontario.  Larry has competed at the highest level of competition for the Hackney division and has won numerous provincial, national and world's championships for both the Hackney Pony and Hackney Horse divisions.  Larry has trained numerous champions including:  WGC Mark of Excellence, I Am What I Am, Spirit of Success, Unanimous Success,  On The Mark, Par Excellence, Sweetheart of Success and Hope Valley.
Larry has been a long time friend for the Canadian Hackney Society, the Ontario Hackney Association, the American Hackney Horse Society, having served as President and Director of all three organizations. Larry is also an avid member of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair horse show and has judged horse shows in Canada, the United States and Bermuda.
Larry's most notable honour was being the recipient of the 2005 UPHA Trainer of the Year Award for the hackney division in addition to being named the 2005 UPHA Breeder of the Year Awad for the same division.  Larry's talents has also influenced his daughter's in the horse industry, having Shannon named the 2007 AHHS Junior Exhibitor of the Year.
(I nducted March 2008)
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