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Walter Hurdman

Walter Hurdman

Walter a native of Ottawa, grew up with horses and developed a special love for the Hackney, which would become his lifelong passion.  He established Alta Vista Acres where he bred, raised, and trained Hackneys, showing them in both Canada and the United States.  A few of the Hackneys he owned are Aldane Prince, Little Wonder, Mr. J, So Rare, Alta Vista's Gladiator, Fashion's Miss Angie, Apollo Symbol, Dufferin Tycoon, Wild Mustard and many more.  Walter was not only a true competitor, but a dedicated sportsman and above all, a good sport.  He showed the best, but if someone else had the best on a certain day, then he was the first to offer congratulations.  He gave generously of his time and knowledge to others, In order to promote and improve the breed, Walter served as President and long time director of the Canadian Hackney Society.  He was a silent benefactor to many programs such as publishing the Society's Constitution and numerous Stud Books.  In addition, he assisted many young people involved with Hackneys over the years and he is also remembered for his meticulous restoration of horse-drawn vehicles.  Walter never lost sight of his lifelong goal - to further develop and improve the Hackney in Canada.  (Inducted March 2001)

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