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Dr. Wallace R. Kent

Wallace Kent

Dr. Kent has been a longtime breeder of hackney horses, an importer, and an exhibitor.  He started showing at a young age, his father, C. W. Kent, and Uncle Wallace Munro, showed and bred hackney horses over a long period of time. After firmly establishing a medical practice, he bought the first of his horses, mostly well bred mares that he raised foals from.  Offspring foaled from the mares at the Kent Stable included Sirius Lady Warwick, Wildfire Paddy Parader, Starlight Parader, Mississauga Maiden, Mississauga Proud Chieftan, Mississauga Brave, Mississauga Sirius Sioux, and a host of others over the years. Suddie Sirius was imported from England in 1970 and used as a herd sire, as well as utilizing the blood of Hartzett Paddy into the program.  Dr Kent and his daughter Faith continue to breed horses and exhibit homebred stock. The Kent’s exhibited in all classes at a horse show, from singles to a four in hand, as well as supporting the Canadian, Ontario and Ottawa Futurity programs.  He was elected to a director of the Canadian Hackney Society in 1971, remaining on the board for 30 years, and was President in 1979 and 1980. Breeding stock and show horses were sold to many Ontario exhibitors as well as throughout the US.   His commitment to the Hackney breed continues to be recognized across North America
 (Inducted March 2006)

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