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King's Gaiety


(F2903) by Creation's King /dam Dufferin Laughter  1958-1973 Bred by Kennedy Pony Farm in Taylorville, Ill.  She was sold to Glen Bowen as a yearling,  Gaiety was shown as a 2 year old with wins at Ill. State Fair.  The same as a 3 year old.  Sold to Kilreen Farm (Mr. & Mrs. Frank Ryan).  At Devon as a 4 year old.  In 1962, she was given the rest of the year off.  In 1963 with trainer Alf Jones she won at Devon, Ill. State Fair and all shows she went to.  In 1984 after the death of Mr. Ryan, Mrs Frank Ryan as owner and Larwrence Carss as trainer, showing from 1964 - 1970 with wins at Chiacgo, Kty.State Fair, Royal Winter Fair, Eastern States Expo,  Ottawa Winter Fair.  In 1970 and 1972 was trained by Rodger Puddy.  With Mrs. Ryan as driver Gaiety won most ladies classes.  She was sent to be bred in 1973, but passed away that year from stomach stones.  This was one of the prettiest ponies, ever raised with motion to go with it.  Many hackney people still think she was one of the greatest ponies who ever lived.  (Inducted March 2002)

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