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Mark Of Excellence

Have you ever witnessed an athlete perform where their presence gave you goose bumps, made you nervous to even move, not knowing whether to breathe, cheer or even cry?  Well the animal that I am honoured to introduce to you tonight is well deserving of such a description.

 In 1989, breeder Steve Cochrane bred his mare, Apollo’s Fashionette to the WGC  Mark of Success.  That cross resulted in a seal brown, white socked stud colt named, Mark of Excellence.

 As a yearling, Mark of Excellence was imported to Canada by his only trainer and current owners, Larry and Diane Ella and John and Paula Goncalves. 

 As a four year old, Mark of Excellence made his show ring debut and claimed such titles as the Ontario Hackney Pony junior champion and later the WGC Hackney Pony at Louisville, Kentucky.  Mark has shown at every level of competition and has been successful every step of the way.

 As time passed, the transition from show ring to Marks current position as a breeding stallion has also been a success.  Mark has produced a number of champions and world champions including:

  Spirit of Success
  Unanimous Success
  Mark of Esteem
  Par Excellence
  Mark of Elegance
  Above and Beyond
  Sweetheart of Success 
  Fame and Fortune and,

  The current WGC On the Mark, who happened to win the same title exactly ten years to the day as his father did with the same trainer.

 Over the years, Mark of Excellence has succeeded in making his MARK in the hackney world.

(Inducted March 2005)

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