Welcome to the Hackney Hall of Fame.  This section of our web site is dedicated to the greatest horses, ponies, exhibitors, breeders and trainers that have made an impact on the Hackney in Canada

Preston Graham

Preston Graham

Preston was a president and director for the Canadian Hackney Society.  His home was in Cambridge, Ontario.  It was at Preston Graham's Hotel where many a Canadian Hackney Society Directors Meeting was held.  He was a top breeder in North America.  He sold a lot of ponies to U.S. Farms.  Some of the ponies he bred were POT OF GOLD, STAR FLIGHT, CAMBRIDGE RINGLEADER.  He loved the breed and purchased new stallions to improve the blood lines here in Canada.  At one point he had 18 broodmares.  One of the stallions he purchased was REPEAT PERFORMANCE from Alan Burke and won with him at Devon Spring show.  John Schell was his blacksmith for many years.  Preston was a very enjoyable and likable person to work with on the board of directors.  He loved the hackney breed and worked toward improving the breed.  He taught many exhibitors the proper wearing apparel in the show ring.  (Inducted March 2002)

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