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Ralph Sadler

Ralph Sadler 



Ralph Sadler’s career as a breeder of exemplary Hackney Horses began with the purchase of Fairview King’s Seal Jr. in 1943.  “Tango”, as he was also known had previously been used only as a breeding stallion but under Ralph’s direction soon became a brilliant show horse and the standard against which all of Ralph’s stock were measured. 

With the purchase of the mare Alasa Torchglow, Ralph now had his foundation broodmare from whom came such horses as King’s Comet, Spotlight’s Ringmaster and Comet’s Dainty Lady who was the dam of Ralph’s most influential stallion, Norfolk’s Reflection.

Ralph and his wife Leona owned and operated Lakeview Farms as a successful Hackney breeding and training operation for many years.  Some of the stallions who stood at Lakeview included: The Duke of Norfolk, Rocky Knight, Norfolk Spotlight, Warwick Footlight, King’s Comet, Spotlight’s Ringmaster and Norfolk’s Reflection. Some notable get from these sires include Norfolk Marmion, Norfolk Authority, Norfolk Phenomenom, Lawrum Counsel, Princess Lady M, Duke of Marlboro, Grantfield MacDuff, Grantfield Janice, Dufferin Lady Warwick, Centennial Rose, Carlingford Gaiety, and Norfolk’s Reflections Starlight. 

Ralph always encouraged anyone who looked to him for his knowledge and advice. The horses that Ralph bred won many Futurities and Harness classes and also became the bloodstock of future generations.  Many Champions in the ring today can trace their roots back to the beginning of Ralph’s breeding program at Lakeview Farms.
Inducted March 2008
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