Welcome to the Hackney Hall of Fame.  This section of our web site is dedicated to the greatest horses, ponies, exhibitors, breeders and trainers that have made an impact on the Hackney in Canada

Special Canadian Hackney Society 125th anniversary inductees


Frank and Cynthia Haydon
Freedman Harness
The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair


Harold Patton
Preston Graham
James Franceschini
Dr. W.W. Bartlett & Robert Bartlett
Donald McAllister
Dr. Wallace R. Kent
Leslie Gunby
Ralph Sadler
Jim and Vera Carter
Allan & Eleanor Burke
Bob, Ivan and Betty Wilson


Walter Hurdman
Victoria Armstrong
R.C. Pettapiece
George D. Newman
Bea Lowe
Kathleen Ryan
Jean Smith
Clarence, Laurena and John Graham
Wallace S. Munro
Art Alderman
Mitson, Lizotte and Callaway family
Culliton Brothers

Matt and Myrtle MacDougall
Dave and Gail Smith
Doc Nelson and Betty Lester


Larry Ella
Lawrence Carss
Bill Robinson

Hackney Show Horse: Stonehedge Carrousel
Kilreen's Shann Oq
Peel's Haven
Hurstwood Toreador
Dufferin Starlight
Ardkinglas Northern Light
Haven's Music Man
First Impression
Hackney Show Pony:

Crystal Lady
Mr. Sandman
King's Gaiety
Fashion's Miss Alice
Laudydale Rajah
Apollo Sand
Second Souvenir
Pilot Model
Mark of  Success
Kilreen's Deboniare Lady
Rags to Riches
King's Bandolier
Flyer's Sensation

Hackney Stallion:

Casillis Debonaire
Dufferin Haven
Hartzett Paddy
Cambridge Leader
Mark of Excellence
Dun-Haven Crescendo
Fashion King
Jill's Magic Prince
King's Marvel

Legacy Division:

Lord Brilliant
Pal O' Mine
Manor Smile
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gilbert and Charles Gilbert Jr
Netherhalls Pride
Robert Beith
Rawlinson Brothers 
Robert Kerr Family
Ansley Yeager
Dr WJR Fowler
Thomas Crow and James Murray

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